Discover How to create sustainable momentum for 2023 in your network marketing business 

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What you will gain from this summit:
  • Finally feel confident ✨ about building your business during a recession
  • ​Finally create a solid plan and create clarity🤩 for your network marketing business in 2023
  • ​Finally Learn how to Rank Advance and create personal momentum in 2023 for you and YOUR TEAM
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There are 5 Stages to Consistently Build, Duplicate, and Retain volume and sales in a business.  

Especially during a recession.

In fact, right now is when leaders flourish the most, and when new leaders are born. 🔥

During a down economy.  

But most trainers are ignoring this. 😱 

Most leaders are so worried about it they aren’t preparing 
themselves or their teams the right way.

So, we decided to bring the best of leadership together from 2022 to help you create sustainable momentum in your network marketing for 2023.

Listen, the going viral on TikTok™, Instagram™ and just waking up to sales days are over. 👎  It’s time to create a real skillset that you can use forever in your business. 

While many companies are shutting down, paying less, or falling backwards and with numbers being at an all time low in the industry, we want to show you how to SHIFT.

Because, Shift Happens 

Having a plan for 2023 is that SHIFT. ⏩

Curiosity marketing isn’t the same as it was on social and it is your time to pivot to what is working is crucial for 2023. 

{Learning the marketing skillset that makes you a pro NO MATTER what social media does or doesn't do for you}
Here’s what you will learn for from this Virtual 5 day summit:
Day 1: State of The Industry 
Learn from top coach and veteran from the industry Rob Sperry on how he became the #1 recruiter out of a million distributors in 2008 and 2009.

PLUS Mr. ATM himself, John Melton, will share how they earned six figures in Network marketing + fired their boss the same year and became full-time network marketers
Day 2: The Mind Shift 
Build a true belief system around what you sell and why you sell it so you can confidently lead a massive team. 

Increase your income beliefs and get rid of negative nancy thinking that keeps you stuck.
Day 3: The social shift 
Learn what strategies are outdated on Instagram™, TikTok™, Facebook™, and more so you can recruit faster and sell more without being spammy and without going VIRAL.
Day 4: The convo shift 
How to get into so many conversations on social media that you can’t even keep up with the number of leads. 

This is without sending cold spammy hey girl messages of course. Or our favorite, I know you don’t know me but…
Day 5: The closing shift
Learn top earner secrets on how they close more people to join their team and buy their products without getting stuck in the friend zone.

Learn how they avoid getting ghosted but what they say and do if they do.  
🌟 BONUS: Hear From TOP Leaders In The Industry 🌟 
Of Course You Want To Rank Advance And Have Personal Momentum In 2023. But That Big Dream Of Yours Is To Do It And Then Teach It.

Duplication Right?

SO You Can Lead A Massive Team That Also Rank Advances. 

Well This Summit Will Help You Get That Clarity, Create That Plan, And Finally Become Confident In Your Business.
Here's what our last event's attendees had to say about the event:
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